Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I don't understand how on the face of this planet..the person who took this picture completely did not wrap those most exquisite fishnet laced stems of hers around his neck in an attempt to die with a grin like no other kind of death can do? I guess he is a gentleman like myself..or a hopeless idiot that probably has no idea what to do with those delicately stringed checker boards of bliss..even if she blatantly stuffs those sexy as all kinds of any kind of hell knee in to photo-hero's chest...begging to have you be the lucky sunnnaaaavaaaa-bitch that can rip them in to tiny shreads in order to giver the screaming orgasm she needs.. I know I would not have to be asked more than once. I think I'd just feel:

Sanctified - Nine Inch Nails

or perhaps I'm Just Too:

Physical - Nine Inch Nails