Friday, November 13, 2009

Mindfucks of the Asunder #1

I was in the house and it is 4 stories high. There is an elevator in it as well. Our land lady comes up the stairs and goes straight for the ashtray. She drags me by my jaw onto the bed and codems me to perform terrible sexual acts on her..her will is strong the He enters and continues to finish her off as her body becomes whitherd and gray mixed with crimson as it turns her in to a remaining pile of paste with protruding waxy bones. Proceed to the rest of the house. Somehow in the animal room..the gliders got out, there rats I picked up that day had escaped as well and somehow there are now 4 or so cats and a pair of monkeys in the room. I watched the pile of cats somehow letting the a rat escape their grasp through the window. I quickly collected them and put them away but then there was disturbances down stairs. A woman clad in a tiny black latex dress was shoving glass plates to thieir doom on our black granite floors. The heights were dizzing and she almost fell past an unfished banister leading to our main hallway downstairs 2 flights where on one of the teirs i saw the escaped rat purched on a bar above the stairway leading up. She knew me somehow and dragged us onto the cold glass table. We choked the shit out of each other, asphxyating eachother with whatever we could find..pileing mounds of cake and narrow cream soda bottles in places i dare not say. I made sure she was screamin as I ripped each orgasm from her tremmbling, wet and filty cake layered pussy. She passes out. He calls a house meeting in the elevator room. We convien in this skylit wonder as the light pours in through intricate antique glass shining down onto beveled mirrors lining the walls. We are all there and He askes "What are you going to do?" I say, "Can I stay in here?" I look about the room and just behind the shadow of the path of light from the cieling are two moving doors on the walls that uncover a black marble walled, white marbled tub with the most beautiful pewter handles and spouts and an antique brass shower behind the 2nd door. I turn the knob and out pours brown water which turns to clear after a short while. Right after that I look through the one way mirror and see that we have an intruder..A person in a giant teddybear outfit whos Bear face is decayed and rotting. We escape through the door into the labrynth that is this house. We are chased as this metal object wielding thing narrowly misses us on several ocations. Somehow it catches me by the throat in a narrow hallway and He watches and walks his way around as he sees me trying to scream and as it always happens in my nightmares..nothing comes out, but that is not as horrifying as watching someone that you love not try and help you. I escape the bear through some manuvering and go back to my elevator room where the latex girl managed to find her way to my bed. I grab my sharpest katanna blade and my biggest one handed sword and I go after him. When I find him I go straight for his shoulder and pin him to the wall with the end of the katanna blade and with the sword remove his bear helmet. It is a young boy maybe no older than 14 with long black hair. He was left behind and tied up in the attic for about 10 year and sewn into the outfit by his wrists and forced to grow in that suit. The police took him away and as the door closes behind them, all of these people come out and conduct a party. The end.

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  1. hands down the best thing i've read in a long time. looking forward to more.